Saturday, April 1 - 2023

9:00 pm
Blues Stage
Pat Travers

Pat Travers smashed onto the music scene in 1976 with his hard and rowdy, rock and blues guitar style and vocals. The Canada-born musician cranked out several top albums in the 70s and 80s including party hits like "Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)".

When he first broke out, Pat Travers, guitarist Pat Thrall, drummer Tommy Aldridge and bass player Peter “Mars” Cowling – were unarguably one of the most talented rock quartets ever to perform.

They were also responsible for a pair of bona fide studio classics – their 1978 guitar rock debut “Heat in the Street”, and 1980’s more musically diverse and critically acclaimed “Crash and Burn”. “Go for What You Know” was the musical meat in that sonic sandwich. Thrall’s fusion was the perfect foil for Travers, who has always put the melodic tone, and feel of his solos before any fret burning. Aldridge was one of the most noted and flamboyant sticksmen of the era. Cowling was the inspiration, driving the rhythm through his ever solid, yet extremely flexible, four-string work Toronto born Patrick Henry Travers had already delivered a tasty trio of releases before the formation of that formidable four-piece, and would go on to deliver classy melodic eighties rock before a blues period in the nineties, but it’s that famous foursome that set standards and made such a musical mark.

Travers has toured heavily for nearly half a century and cranked out dozens of albums with songs like "Snortin' Whiskey," "Crash and Burn," "Rockin'" and "Women on the Edge of Love".